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Creating Rhythms, creates space.


Jesus had Rhythms (reoccurring patterns or routines) in his life. So should we.


What kind of Rhythms did Jesus have?

Personal Rhythm: A daily time where we get alone with God to talk to him, listen to him, read his word, and spend time with him. 


Community Rhythm: Coming together with other followers of Jesus to BE the church. Simply put; Taking Jesus seriously together. 


Collective Rhythm: A pattern in which you show through word, thought and action how to follow Jesus. 


Calling Rhythm: Regularly stepping into what God has for your life. 


Following Jesus is hard work. It's the best work...but it is hard. Having rhythms in your life helps put that hard work into perspective. We once spent the entire summer talking about this idea. We encourage you to do the same! 

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